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IVR - Integrated Voice Response

IVR or Integrated Voice Response, is a technology which has been rapidly accepted by the travelling public in recent times. In essence, IVR gives Yellow Cabs the ability to accept more phone requests for a taxi service and also ensures that the customer is not held on the phone for longer than what is absolutely necessary.

Stratum Communications in conjunction with MTData (Mobile Tracking and Data) have developed a truly specialised product for Yellow Cabs and its customers ensuring that everyones time is used more efficiently. In essence the system detects the callers phone number and then cross references with the database of past customer addresses to make a match. If the system finds a match - the caller is prompted to make a selection for a standard taxi. This solution means that a higher number of calls can be accepted during peak periods due to the calls using this system lasting for between 10 and 20 seconds, dependfing on the customer familiarity with the system.

Through utilisation of GPS coupled with MTData's cutting edge dispatch system, Yellow Cabs make it possible to have the pick up details on the computer screen of the taxi within 5-10 seconds of your call finishing (during periods with no delay).

Telstra is Yellow Cabs' service provider for all our phone networks and land line data delivery to numerous radio base stations. Our PABX system is by Avaya.

Since incorporation in 1915, Yellow Cabs has grown to become the largest, as well as one of the oldest taxicab firms in existence.

Today, Yellow Cabs is still at the cutting edge. With the introduction of a completely computerised job management and distribution system, Global Positioning Satellite (Satellite tracking - both LIVE and historical) in all vehicles, 'cabcall' phone ordering, real-time Internet taxi ordering, EFTPOS in all cabs, the first to introduce "SMS a Taxi & SMS a Courier, & now interactive voice response (IVR) - Yellow Cabs are sure to maintain their position as market leaders.